Teaching Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers

Teaching Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakershttp://4.bp.blogspot.com/_SYandHDvpd4/SpPwyIpSBfI/AAAAAAAAA0g/EwZBenDA0HA/s400/info.jpg
Learn Arabic and speak fluently.
Don’t waste your time in the learning centers.
Your specialized Arabic center is between your hands.
Learn alphabets, pronunciation, writing, grammar, basics, and the daily dialogues. A workshop from the very beginning till the acquisition of the language. Learn the capitals, currencies, ministries, and many many others

First level:

  • Arabic letters, forms, and pronunciations.
  • How to pronounce Arabic letters, long and short word sounds, intense voices, etc …
  • Intensive exercises.

Second level:

  • Grammar Syntax
  • Live dialogues like (acquaintance, the family, etc …)
  • Important appendixes like (numbers, the human body, etc …)

Third level:

  • Second part from the live dialogues (post office, in the market, etc …)
  • Important appendixes like (governmental ministry, the names of Arab countries, etc …)
  • The program is provided with English and French assistance.
  • Each level contains a dictionary for the used vocabulary in each lesson. These words have their English meaning.

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